Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2012. Real? Fake?

So. Last week, it hit about 100 degrees.

...Giving me a shitload of random nosebleeds in the morning, afternoon, night, whatever.

But now, this weeks weather is a constant 70 degrees..ish. ...And it's raining as I speak.

Anyway, I don't know about you guys, but this bipolar weather is pissing me off, and kinda getting my suspicions up about 2012, and all those rumors about how the world is going to end. I remember about a year back, watching videos on Youtube, reading articles, researching anything I could find on the subject of 2012.

I remember reading about how a planet, (I forget the name of the planet, let me know if you know the name please!) that's currently outside of our galaxy at the moment, is on it's path into our galaxy, and will pass us nearly hitting us. Now, that's not the bad part. From all these articles I read, videos I've watched, they explain that the planet is not only multiple times larger in mass than ours, but also has a trail of "fire and debris" that will strike and engulf Earth. I find that hard to believe, because at the same time, they were saying how the planet, is an all water planet. I don't get how a planet.. that's completely aquatic.. would have a trail of fire. Not to mention debris too.

So on to another point. One of the videos I watched, also gave me some info about the coordinates of the planet, how you can use Google Earth(using "Sky") to search coordinates of the solar system (to a certain extent of course), and how switching to the thermal vision (showing heat sources), you can see a large heat source in the exact coordinates given. Now, this got my attention and interest, so I gave it a shot.

....And yup, there it was. I can't remember the coordinates, but what I remember last, about 10 months ago, was that Google had blacked out the area that showed the heat source I saw before. It said something like "this area is not available" or some shit like that. Now apparently, the amazingly large heat source, is the planet that's on it's way to our galaxy, and supposedly the "culprit" behind the whole 2012 thing.

Now I don't know if all this is real or not, but the fact that the area showing the heat source was "blacked out" raised my suspicions.. and perhaps my fears. I also remember reading that by early to mid 2011, you will be able to see a "star-like" object in the sky, that's supposedly the planet on it's way, and inching closer and closer to Earth. And by Mid 2012, it would be like a second sun in our sky. I can go on and on for hours about all the research and findings I have found, but uh, I think this is enough.

As for my belief, I'm not so sure about what I believe. Some things point toward 2012 being real, and some things don't. I just pray it doesn't. (knock on wood) I just have too many things to do and accomplish, and 2 years just won't be enough. 8)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ahhhh! Smoke!

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, I was busy with classes, then work, then... well, hit up a hoooookah lounge with some friends.

So this wasn't my first time doing hookah, but my first time doing it at a lounge. With a crazy ass expensive.. ass.. hookah. Yeah.

So when we got there, there were about 6 others waiting for us to show up (3 others and myself). Soooo, looking at the "flavours" sign, we were gonna pick Strawberry Margarita, but then I saw Blue Mist. I asked what it was, found out it was the best selling flavor, said what the heck, then we chose it!

Lets just say I've never thought hookah could mess me up. I mean, it's just flavored tobacco, right? Well apparently, since I haven't done it in so long, and this being my first time in helllaaaa long doing it, especially with a huge ass hookah, I was wrong.

The first... say 10 hits,  were fine. Fat, thick, big ass clouds. Fun, right? Then it started to kick in. The light-headedness(another one of my made up words) like.. kicked me in the face. I'm just chillin there... yaknow, floating away into space or some shit.

ANYWAYS, yeah this is more of a "cool story bro" kinda post. Long story short, first hookah session in a long time, huge fat hookah, equals.. floating away into space.

Well. Here's a picture of a butt. I like butts. Yeah. Look: